EIG’s staff are industry leaders who have earned a reputation for successfully conceiving, developing, and executing a comprehensive range of energy and utility initiatives.

Some of these projects have included:

  • Planning, developing, constructing, and operating a 700 mile 2,000 MW +/- 450kV DC transmission system linking the US and Canada;
  • Developing the reference plant electric design for a modern 280 MW combined cycle single-shaft power train;
  • Planning, managing, constructing, and commissioning a 490 MW combined cycle repowering of a 1920s-era generating plant;
  • Coordinating, engineering, and designing portions of a 150 mile mainline railroad electrification system and its utility supply interconnections;
  • Planning, developing, managing, constructing, and operating a 26 mile submarine cable system and interconnections between an island community and the mainland;